3 simple exercises to do when you’re sick during the holidays

Don’t let a cold put a damper on your fitness routine.
Don’t let a cold put a damper on your fitness routine.

Apart from all the festivities, the holiday season is a time when people are prone to colds, flu, and intestinal viruses. Physicians report that people’s immune systems are naturally poor as a result of stress and inadequate sleep most probably caused by all the party planning over the holidays. Of course, the chilly weather does not help at all.

Nonetheless, you can still squeeze in a little physical activity despite feeling a little under the weather. Here are simple exercises you can do to stick to you weight loss plan.

There are various yoga poses you can do to restore your mind and relieve you of stress. Try a restorative yoga sequence, which includes simple routines like Legs up the Wall and Child’s Pose, to distress from that nasty cold.

Walking is one of the simplest ways to stay active without any high impact on your body. Keep a slow pace, and gradually increase your intensity as you feel better. You can walk indoors on a treadmill if the weather outside is too cold.

Stretching is probably the most relaxing thing you can do to your body. It not only reduces stress, but also boosts your body’s endorphins thus improving your overall mood and feeling.

These exercises are simple and safe. Be sure to keep your pace and intensity at a minimum to avoid burnout. Nonetheless, if your body is not up for it, drink lots of liquids and rest instead.

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