3 ways to stay fit and beat the winter blues

Winter is not an excuse to put a halt on your fitness regimen. Stay active throughout the holidays and meet spring with a healthier you.
Winter is not an excuse to put a halt on your fitness regimen. Stay active throughout the holidays and meet spring with a healthier you.

Curling up with a hot cup of cocoa in front of the fireplace might seem like a better idea than braving the chilly weather outside. Statistics show that individuals experience a bump in their weight from 2 to 4 lbs. over the holidays. The weight gain is not just attributed to the extra calories over Thanksgiving and Christmas but also to the lack of physical activity.

It is not an excuse to get a little chubby this season. If working up a sweat in the gym is not at the top of your list, here are three easy ways to get your blood pumping and your metabolism going while having fun this winter.

Take the fun outdoors. Working out does not have to be in the confines of a gym. It also does not rule out playing and having fun. Playing outdoors actually burns a substantial amount of calories. Building a snowman burns 285 calories per hour, snowball fights take off 319 calories per hour, and creating snow angels can slash 214 calories per hour. Fitness gurus explain that heavy snow gives your leg muscles a workout. So, go ahead and have fun in the snow with your friends and family.

Learn a winter sport. You can keep your bikinis in the closet for some beach volleyball next summer. Instead, take out your boots and jacket to try a few fun winter sports. Ice-skating with your honey can help you burn 327 calories per hour, while a game of ice hockey with your friends can burn a hefty 436 calories per hour.

Go running. Don’t limit your morning runs for the sunnier months. Gear up in comfortable thermal wear to keep you warm. Stay safe by running on a solid path that’s ice-free. Running on fresh snow can also add intensity to your workout. Experts say that running in the cold is actually better for you, as your body will experience less heat stress. This is also the reason why most marathons are held in the chillier months.

It is easy to stay on track this season. So, layer up and go outdoors with friends and family. Natural Process helps you stay motivated with our variety of natural supplements to enhance your health and wellness. Healthy supplements, such as Green Coffee Bean Extract, help keep your metabolism and energy up while letting you enjoy the holiday festivities.

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