Asthma-friendly exercise tips to keep you in shape

Swimming is considered one of the best fitness options for asthmatics.
Swimming is considered one of the best fitness options for asthmatics.

Keeping up with fitness and your green coffee diet can be challenging no matter who you are, but maintaining steady exercise can become even more strenuous for an individual with asthma. However, just because you may have respiratory problems doesn't mean you can't enjoy a pick-up softball game with friends or a lovely power walk around the park.

In fact, many people who maintain a steady weight loss plan have claimed that they can maintain control of their condition better than those who lead sedentary lifestyles.

"It's important for people with asthma to exercise as much as they can, to stay fit, and to control their weight," Norman H. Edelman, chief medical officer of the American Lung Association, explained to Everyday Health. "Excess weight makes asthma worse."

It's clear that everyone - including those with asthma - can benefit from a balanced fitness plan, but not all sports and exercises are recommended for people who are suffering from respiratory problems. Here are some great asthma-friendly tips that can keep your lungs healthy and help you lose weight at the same time:

Take it outside
If the weather is nice, why not head out into the great outdoors for a fitness session? The fresh air can do wonders for your lungs, especially during the spring and summer when the air is moist - just be careful around allergy season. However, if you want to head outdoors in the winter, make sure that your nose and mouth are covered or protected with a scarf, as the dry air - especially at high altitudes - can trigger an attack.

Be choosy with your gym
While the warm air inside fitness centers can be beneficial for your lungs when it gets colder, cleaners and disinfectants that are used in gyms can vary widely. Since harsh detergents can trigger an attack, be sure to ask the manager what types of cleaners they use and what kind of ventilation system is in place before you purchase a package.

Not all sports are the same for asthmatics
Cold-weather sports and activities that require continuous running can definitely spur on an asthma attack, so avoiding soccer, basketball, hockey and long-distance running is advised, according to Health24.

However, sports like golf, wrestling, rugby, baseball and softball and gymnastics, which have intermittent rest periods followed by bursts of activity, can be great fitness options for asthmatics.

Swimming is considered the most asthma-friendly sports out there, as the low impact and warm air provide a perfect environment for the lungs. Swimming can also burn an astonishing amount of calories and is easy on your joints. However, it's important to make sure that your pool does not use excessive amount of chlorine or other chemicals. Activities like cycling, canoeing, walking and short sprints can also be great options.

Team sports or a knowledgeable workout buddy is advised for advised for asthmatics, as there can be people nearby to help in the case of an attack. Resting periodically, drinking plenty of fluids and keeping your inhaler close by is also a wise idea if you have respiratory problems. Make sure to talk to your doctor before engaging in any new exercise or sport to see if it is safe for you.

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