Become a gym etiquette pro with these helpful tips

There are a few gym etiquette rules that every fitness enthusiast needs to follow.
There are a few gym etiquette rules that every fitness enthusiast needs to follow.

Chances are, if you have been regularly engaging in steady exercise and pure garcinia cambogia extract, you have seen at least one or two gym faux-pas while working out. There are some obvious gym situations that you already know - but you may be engaging in poor gym etiquette without knowing it.

If you are a newcomer to a fitness facility, are just getting started with exercise as a part of a healthy living regimen or need to brush up on your gym etiquette, here are some pointers to keep in mind while you are hitting the elliptical or lifting weights.

Clean up after yourself
Nothing will gross out a gym-goer more than feeling sweat on handles after someone has used them. Not only is this cringe-inducing, it can spread germs easily. Bring a small towel with you to the gym to wipe off excess sweat, and make good use of the sanitizing wipes that the gym provides after every use with a piece of equipment.

Put down the cell phone
We know that smartphones are super popular these days, but no one wants to hear your personal conversations while you are at the gym. Keep your phone on vibrate and unless there is an emergency - try to respect others and stay off your phone.

Taking up too much time on a machine
If you have been spending an hour or more on a piece of gym equipment, you might want to re-think your strategy. Most cardio sessions shouldn't exceed this time anyway, and there are many other people in the gym who would like to use the treadmill. If you have signed up for a spin class or piece of equipment on a list and have changed your mind, be sure to let a gym employee know so that they can squeeze someone else in.

Be smart about clothing
This may seem obvious, but don't wear the same gym outfit to the gym every day. As a practical rule, keep jeans out of the gym and don't wear anything too revealing.

Return weights where you found them
If you are doing resistance training, it can be very frustrating to pick up a pair of dumbbells only to realize they are at different weight intervals. Just like when you were a kid, it is common courtesy to put equipment back the way you found it.

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