The benefits of yoga for men

Yoga can be a great exercise option for men, especially if they suffer from muscle or joint pain.
Yoga can be a great exercise option for men, especially if they suffer from muscle or joint pain.

There are several reasons why yoga can be a wonderful addition to your weight loss plan if you are a male. The ancient practice has been benefiting males for many years, yet women overwhelming engage in yoga as part of their diet and exercise regimen.

Because many men have been led to believe that sports are the answer to calorie burning, they tend to shy away from hitting the mat, but there are many excellent ways that yoga can support the male body, according to Canadian Living magazine.

Yoga works for men of all shapes and sizes
Contrary to some sports and exercises, yoga can be practiced by almost any guy, whether you used to be a towering center for your basketball team or are a bit smaller and ran track in high school. Regardless of the sport, improving your balance, range of motion and flexibility can benefit your performance, and this can definitely be attained with intense rounds of yoga.

Yoga can give you a full-body workout
According to Canadian Living, most sports and even weight lifting do not engage all areas of the body - but with yoga, you are stretching and flexing and bending nearly all of your muscles and joints. Yoga also promotes lean muscles, according to Yoga Trail, so instead of looking bulky and stiff, you can build a great body that is strong, limber and more natural looking.

Yoga is fantastic as a low-impact option
Many athletes who are recovering from an injury have found that yoga can provide an excellent low-impact exercise that keeps them in shape while their body heals. Even NFL players are getting on board with yoga. According to the NFL's official website, former linebacker Keith Mitchell recovered from a spinal injury he sustained during his time on the field by picking up yoga, and claims that the practice changed his life.

Yoga can ease stiff muscles and joints
Lactic acid builds up in your muscles when they become fatigued. By practicing yoga, you can work to flush this acid away - which can ease the muscle stiffness commonly associated with sports and exercise - particularly back pain. If you have joint issues, such as sore knees, yoga's non-impact movements can also enable joint relief by flushing out irritants.

Yoga can help you focus mentally
Although all forms of exercise and sports utilize your mind, yoga has the ability to help you retain focus and balance. According to Canadian Living, legendary male athletes like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wayne Gretzky and John McEnroe have all found that through Bikram yoga, they have been able to improve their performance levels.

You can do yoga and still enjoy the sports and exercises you love
Yoga doesn't have to be your only exercise, it can actually help to improve your athletic performance in other areas. Let's say you have stiff muscles from weightlifting - yoga can be a great option to ease tension on your off days. Are you more of a runner? There's no better practice than yoga to balance your cadence and ease joint pain from pounding the treadmill.

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