Challenge your fitness level and balance with a BOSU workout

Up your workout challenge by incorporating a BOSU ball into your exercises.
Up your workout challenge by incorporating a BOSU ball into your exercises.

Once you've been actively engaged in a fitness regimen for a while, it's time to up the ante and continue challenging yourself in new and exciting ways.

In addition to taking pure green coffee extract and eating a balanced diet designed for weight loss help, regular workout sessions are a must for maintaining your strength or dropping those pesky extra pounds.

One of the best parts of exercising in the gym is your access to a variety of unique fitness equipment. This can allow you to change up your program to avoid fitness burnout and make adjustments when you need to start working at a more advanced pace.

Incorporate the BOSU ball into your workouts
BOSU (which stands for both sides up) balls are excellent tools to take your exercise up to the next level while challenging your balance.

Balance work is a crucial, yet often underrated, part of fitness. But think about it, when the weather is cold and the ground is snowy and icy, don't you want to know you can trust your balance to save you from falling and getting seriously injured? Even if you just trip over a bump in the sidewalk or a kid's toy, having strong balance can keep you upright.

Not only can BOSU balls improve and strengthen the muscles needed for balance, but they can challenge your body throughout your whole workout. Here are some great BOSU exercises to try next time you hit the gym:

Lunges: Performing lunges on the BOSU uses instability to work not only your legs but your core. Place your left toes on the BOSU (ball side up) and step your right foot out in front, making a wide stance. Tighten your abs and lower until you front leg bends to 90 degrees. Repeat 10 to 12 times, then switch feet.

Planks: Planks can be performed on the BOSU with either the ball side or the flat side down to work the ab and back muscles even more. Depending on which side you face down, place your hands or forearms on the flat part of the ball. Tighten your abs and make sure your body is in one straight line. Hold for 30 to 60 seconds and repeat three times.

Push ups: Start in the same position as a plank, but on your hands. Keeping your elbows in, lower your body toward the floor, then push back up to the starting position. Remember to keep your core tight! Repeat 8 to 10 times.

Bicep curls: Grab a pair of 5- to 8‚Äč-pound hand weights. With the BOSU flat side down, carefully stand on top of the ball. It will feel unstable, so take a second to find your center of balance. Keeping your core tight, have a slight bend in your knees and perform 8 to 10 bicep curls, squeezing the muscles at the top before releasing.

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