Common cardio workout mistakes

Top cardio mistakes people make when training.
Top cardio mistakes people make when training.

Many of those who have a weight loss plan and want to achieve their goals fail to do so because of mistakes they make during cardio training. Although we all have different goals we're trying to reach, cardio plays an important role in losing weight or body fat. 

Common cardio mistakes
If your goal is to lose weight, one mistake you might be making is walking or running at one pace without changing it up. Even if you start sweating after a good half hour on the treadmill, you won't be as effective in reaching long term goals. To fix this problem, try interval training to burn fat. Instead of going for a longer amount of time at one pace, go for a shorter period at different speeds. This will drive up your heart rate and help you lose more weight.

If you want to burn body fat, doing the same routine over and over won't get you anywhere. Instead of the same old routine, switch things up and push yourself harder each time you head to the gym. Doing the same exercise for more than 4 weeks won't help you keep off what you've lost. 

While doing interval training to lose weight, make sure you're not running on empty beforehand. Even if you aren't one for eating before working out, doing a cardio workout without food in your stomach can prevent fat loss and keep you from building lean muscle as your body will use it to make up for the lack of glucose from foods. 

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