Create a nighttime yoga routine for a better night's sleep

Performing relaxing yoga poses before bed can make sleep better.
Performing relaxing yoga poses before bed can make sleep better.

Nothing feels better than a truly restful night's sleep where you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day. But with all of life's stresses, this can be a challenge. However, part of healthy living is getting sufficient slumber night after night in addition to taking your garcinia cambogia, eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly.

Whether you're facing a tough time in your personal life, are under a lot of pressure at work or are just juggling a lot of balls in the air right now, getting a full seven or eight hours of sleep each night might seem like an impossible task. For some the trouble is falling asleep, for others its staying asleep and certain people have issues with both.

Sleep is not just important for proper function day after day. It can assist your weight loss plan as well. One way to combine fitness with your sleep preparation is to create a relaxing yoga routine. Here are a few simple poses that will calm your mind and body, helping you drift off into a more peaceful slumber:

Seated meditation: Sit on the bed or floor in a comfortable position. Gently close your eyes and let your hands rest on your thighs or at your sides. Start to slow down your breathing and take deeper inhales and exhales. Concentrate on belly breathing - expand your stomach as you inhale and slowly release it on your exhale. You'll feel your body and mind start to relax, and as you do, focus only on the present moment.

Cat/cow: Come onto your hands and knees. On your inhale, drop your stomach to the floor, arching your back and looking up toward the ceiling. On your exhale, round your back and look toward your belly button. Repeat the sequence for four or five breaths.

Child's pose: Drop your hips back onto your feet and stretch your arms forward, releasing any tension in your neck. Relax into the pose and take 5 to 10 deep breaths here.

Forward fold: Stand up with your feet hip​-distance apart. Slowly fold toward the floor, reaching your hands to your feet. Stay here for a few breaths, letting go of all the tension in your upper body so you're hanging like a rag doll. Slowly start to roll back up with your head being the last thing to return to the starting position.

Legs up the wall: Sit with one hip facing the wall as close as you can. Gently roll onto your back, bringing your legs up onto the wall. You may have to scoot forward to become flush against the wall, and let your hands rest at your sides. Keeping your legs straight above you, breathe here for 5 to 8 breaths, then slowly roll out of the position.

Savasana: This is your final resting pose, so you may want to get into bed. Lay on your back with your legs extended and hands at your sides. Slow down your breathing once again, taking full, deep inhales and exhales. Allow your body to relax even further. It might help to focus on a mantra or just stay present in the moment - don't allow thoughts of the past or future to creep in.

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