Easing back into exercise after an injury

It can be tough to get back into exercise after an injury, especially if it affects key joints, such as a knee.
It can be tough to get back into exercise after an injury, especially if it affects key joints, such as a knee.

Going through an injury isn't just a painful experience that you can bounce back from very easily, especially if you lose function of a certain muscle or bone. Some of these injuries can include muscle sprains, tendonitis, ligament sprains, or even broken bones and fractures. When this happens, you usually need to hit a pause button for your weight loss plan, as exercise is either not advised from your doctor or becomes too painful.

Exercise can prevent injuries in the first place
It's important to note that building up your strength and balance can be an excellent way to reduce your chances of getting involved in sports- or exercise-related injuries from the get-go. This is why building up your muscles with strength training is so important. Sometimes when exercisers overexert themselves, there is too much pressure put on ligaments and bones if the muscles are not built up enough.

Likewise, a proper warm-up and cool-down session with plenty of stretching is also very important in helping prevent injury. Getting the body warm before exercising encourages blood flow and also helps you center your breathing - this prevents burnout, gets your muscles and bones ready for a tough fitness session and allows for greater athletic performance. A proper cool down also ensures that you return your breathing pattern and heart rate to healthy levels.

Take it slow
You need to keep in mind that following an injury, you may not be able to perform all of the aspects of your workout plan at first. It's important to ease your way back into exercise so that you stay strong and allow your body to heal, but still keep up healthy living.

This is a great time to experiment with new workout routines that you may have skipped before. For instance, if you have never tried low-impact exercise, this is an excellent place to start, as the workouts help you break a sweat without putting as much wear and tear on your joints and ligaments (likely places for an injury). Have you always wanted to try that beginner yoga class at the gym, but glossed over it? Do you always walk past the elliptical machines and head straight for the treadmill? There are many low-impact options that you can try to maximize your strength without straining your injury too much.

Shorten your workouts and learn to have patience
If you are an avid exerciser that always sticks to weight loss nutrition, your garcinia cambogia supplement and a consistent workout routine, having an injury can be extremely frustrating, because you are limited to what you can do. If you strained a muscle, for instance, you may want to divide up your exercise.

If you typically went on a 3-mile jog every day as part of your exercise routine, try power walking for 1 mile to start, then increase the frequency at three different times per day so that less stress is put on your injury and you gradually get back to your pre-injury fitness session. It's important not to do too much at once, as you may injure yourself even more and not be able to exercise at all. Have some patience, let your body heal and always make safety a priority.

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