Easy ways to burn calories

Rollerblading is an easy way to burn calories without going to the gym.
Rollerblading is an easy way to burn calories without going to the gym.

There are easier ways to burn calories than just going to the gym. There are things you can do at home and outside to melt away body fat while doing your everyday activities. From hosting a dinner party - yes, you heard correctly - to using the stairs at the office, here are a few methods that can help you torch calories without a trainer. 

One of the easiest and most fun ways to burn calories is to dance. Invite friends over for a night of dancing and work muscles in your legs you didn't even know were there.

• Easily burn a couple hundred calories by changing up the furniture layout in your home. Simply rearranging furniture for 30 minutes can burn 200 calories and give you a fresh new perspective on your living room.

• If you really want to pump up the exercise, give some of the rooms around your house a makeover. Paint some walls, add fresh colors and liven things up. 

• Burn around 100 calories in 38 minutes by hosting a dinner party. When you have friends over for a tasty meal, you'll be running around visiting with them and so busy checking on food you could easily burn calories.

Outdoor activities
If you're really aching to go outside and get some exercise, there are a number of things you can do.

• Play a game of tennis or even badminton to really torch some calories. 

• Enjoy the neighborhood by taking your dog out for a walk. Go around the block a few times or hit a walking trail for the scenery. You can also burn calories by taking your dog to the park and let him run around. Even if you don't have a furry friend, you can still enjoy the trails and some laps through the neighborhood. 

• Put on a pair of roller skates or blades and relive your childhood days. To really travel back in time, think about enjoying a night of putt-putt. This laid back game is not only fun, you can burn as many as 200 calories in an hour just hitting the ball around.

If you have kids or little ones in your life, take them to the park and play or jump on the trampoline with them. Outdoor games like hopscotch, jump rope, flying a kite and jumping on the trampoline can burn calories and help you have a good time. 

To complement your disguised workouts, add weight loss natural supplements such as green coffee bean extract to your diet. 

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