Exercises to build lean muscle

At home exercises can help you build lean muscle and add to your weight loss.
At home exercises can help you build lean muscle and add to your weight loss.

Getting out and going for your daily walk may keep you on the track toward losing weight, but there are other exercises you could be doing to produce even better results. For weight loss help, add these exercises to build lean muscle without heading to the gym. 

Before you can start doing exercises to build your muscle, you must first understand how your muscles work. According to Women's Health Magazine, your body has three different types of muscles including cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscles. 

Skeletal muscles account for as much as 40 percent of your body's mass and are controlled by you. The number of muscles you have becomes permanent once you hit puberty, so you can't technically add muscle, you're just building on what you've got.

"Primal" exercises to build muscle
There are a number of exercises to do using just your body.

To work your shoulders, abs, butt and thighs, do the bullfrog. During this exercise you'll crouch down with your hands two-feet in front of you and shoulder-width apart. You'll then hop your feet forward to the outside of your hands. You should land with your toes forward and hips low - like a frog. Walk your hands out into a plank and do a push-up before returning to the starting position. Aim to do this exercise for 30 seconds. 

The kangaroo is great for building muscle and working out your butt and thighs - a trouble spot for many women. To do the kangaroo, start in a wide, low squat with your toes out and your palms together at your chest. Push through your heels and throw your arms behind you while jumping as far forward as your can. Make sure you give your knees a soft landing and do for 30 seconds. 

If you want to give your shoulders, chest, triceps, butt and hamstrings a workout, do the hyena. First, you'll start in a push-up position with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Do a push-up and and rotate over so your stomach is facing the ceiling in a tabletop position. Then, flip back over into the push-up position and start the exercise over and continue alternating for 30 seconds.

Work your shoulders, triceps, back and abs with the alligator. Perform this exercise by starting in a plank with your elbows bent and tight to your sides. Put the tops of your feet on the ground and shift your weight forward, keeping your abs tight. Walk your right hand forward 3 inches and drag your feet behind you and repeat on the left. Do this for 30 seconds.

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