Finding time to exercise with kids

Exercising with your kids can be a great way to burn calories and enjoy quality time.
Exercising with your kids can be a great way to burn calories and enjoy quality time.

Let's face it: Raising children can be exhausting sometimes no matter what you do. Because basketball practice, family dinners, play rehearsals, baby feedings and a myriad of other parental duties take up most of your day as a parent, a weight loss plan can often fall by the wayside. Although it's easy to still eat healthy with children, fitness often sits on the backburner.

Ironically enough, as tired as you may be chasing around your little ones, exercise can actually give you more energy to tackle the day. You don't have to be a super-parent, either - even 10 to 20 minutes of exercise at a time is better for healthy living than no fitness plan at all.

Grab a calendar
To make this work, you have to find cardio activities that mix well with your schedule. It may seem silly, but jotting down your daily schedule on a calendar can not only allot an hour of your day solely for exercise, it can make your fitness sessions just another part of your day, rather than a burden.

Trade off
Got a friend in the same predicament as you? Why not trade off and be each other's babysitters? You can even switch off days so that both of you have time to unwind and enjoy a fitness session away from the kids. Sure, this isn't the most traditional "workout buddy" system, but you are both getting the physical activity you need and that's what matters.

Turn nap time into exercise time
After your little ones have turned in for a nap, you can easily spend an hour with your baby monitor on a home treadmill or in the living room doing aerobics. This could also be a great time to invest in a jogging stroller. Babies can doze off easily in them, and parents can still take a 30-minute jog around the block with ease.

Exercise with your kids
If your kids are a bit older, why not play a game of basketball or soccer with them at the park? If you take your kids to the park everyday, don't just sit on the bench and watch, join in on the fun! Another great family activity is taking bikes to a nearby park for a long cycling session or traversing a state or national park on a challenging hike. Kids love to play outside, and this is an easy way to fit in some calorie burn and spend quality time with your family.

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