Quick workouts for busy women

Quick workouts for busy women.
Quick workouts for busy women.

It's a busy world out there, and we might not always have time to hit the gym. But no matter how busy your day gets, there are quick and easy workouts that can have you meeting weight loss goals (with the help of supplements like green coffee bean extract) in no time.

Do a four-minute miracle workout if you really can't make it to the gym or are busy chasing the kids around the house. To complete the at-home Tabata workout, choosing a cardio activity such as burpees, squat jumps or mountain climbers and do it for 20 seconds at maximum intensity. Then take 10 seconds to rest and repeat it seven times.

If you have a little extra time, combine the different cardio activities for a longer workout. Go through the entire set of exercises and repeat at least once or twice. Try:

10-minute power workouts
Whether there are certain areas of your body you want to strengthen and tone or are looking for an overall body workout, there are a number of different exercises for you to do.

If you want a complete body toning workout, do one minute of skipping, 10 squats, 10 pushups and 10 crunches. Aim to repeat this four to five times.

There's also a workout to target those sometimes troublesome thighs.

For an intense cardio workout, do one minute of step jumps using a low step to jump up and down from. You can also do one minute of butt-kickers, upper cuts, alternate arm punches or cross jumps.

Pair these workouts with green coffee bean extract to help burn body fat.

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