Running tips for beginners

Running tips for beginners.
Running tips for beginners.

Running is one of the easiest ways to get weight loss help without heading to the gym or buying expensive equipment. However, if you're just starting out, you may not really know where to begin. There are so many different aspects and techniques to running that you want to get right before you start to avoid injuring yourself. 

When you start running, don't think in terms of miles. Rather, think about how long you can run. According to Women's Health Magazine, one of the biggest mistakes new runners make is to think in miles when they should be thinking in minutes.

You'll also have to invest in a good pair of running shoes. This purchase is one of the most critical for runners and a good pair should last you for about 400 miles. When choosing your running shoes, be sure to get some that are slightly longer and wider than your foot. It's also best to avoid buying a pair of running shoes that are pointed, as shoes that come to a point can cause foot pain. 

Remember to relax while you're running. You should refrain from bunching up your shoulders and try to shake out your hands and arms every once in a while to stay relaxed. It's easy to get tight while you're running and relaxation is key to developing a good running technique. 

If you don't have time to fit in the full-length run you're used to, try to go for about 15 minutes. It's better to do a little exercise rather than to do nothing at all. 

Mastering proper running technique
Anyone can run, but it's those who have a great technique that get the most benefit. When running, be sure to stay upright and look forward. You'll also want to stay light on your feet. To breathe more easily, pretend your body is suspended by a string attached to the top of your head.

Pump your arms and keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle. Don't let your arms flare out. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and restricting your arm movements up to your chest and down to your hip will help to propel you forward. 

In order to prevent injury and master proper running technique, land on the balls of your feet with each step you take. Striking the ground with your heels will lead to problems in your lower-back while landing on your toes will cause your calf muscles to strain. 

You can give your weight loss plan a boost by adding running to your daily workout routine.

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