Tips for a flat belly

Tips for getting the flat belly you've always wanted.
Tips for getting the flat belly you've always wanted.

The dreaded belly pooch. Nearly every woman has struggled with it at some point in her life. It seems that no matter how many crunches, sit-ups and abdominal exercises you do, it just won't go away. But, there are things you can add to your weight loss plan to help you get the flat bell you've always wanted. 

You may have heard the way to get rid of pooch is to target your lower abs. Well, your abdominal wall covers your entire midsection and connects at your pelvis, so you really don't have lower abs. When doing your ab exercises, aim to perform the workout between three and four consecutive times a week. You can also pick some of your favorites and do them after a cardio session. Mentally focus on your muscles and activating your core. Focusing on how your movements will help to experience greater muscle activity and greater gains in strength. 

Target your core with a 90-degree static press. This exercise can be done without equipment in the comfort of your own home. To do the exercise, lay down on your back with your knees and hips bent at 90 degrees. Flex your feet and extend your arms while pressing both palms on your thighs. Breathe in and as you exhale, pull your abs in tight. Press your lower back to the floor and push your thighs into your hands. You'll want to push back against them without moving your legs. Hold for a count and release. Aim to do three sets of 10 reps. 

Lifestyle changes
Opt for a snack between 3 and 4 p.m. Of course, you should be eating something healthy such as a protein bar, low fat cheese or almonds. Don't miss this snack time because it can boost metabolism and balance your blood sugar. Insulin helps your body store fat around your middle region, so keeping your blood sugar low will help you avoid storing that fat. You should also try to eat every three to four hours to help keep your blood sugar low. 

When you get anxiety, your body will produce extra cortisol. This hormone encourages your body to store fat all over, even more so in your abdominal region. If you get anxious, practice deep breaths to keep your stress levels balanced. Every hour or so take five to 10 deep breaths, inhaling for five counts and exhaling for 10.

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