Top tips to avoid workout boredom

Finding the motivation to exercise is important to help you achieve your long-term goals.
Finding the motivation to exercise is important to help you achieve your long-term goals.

If you've already started experiencing the benefits of garcinia cambogia or pure coffee bean extract and have been logging in hours at the gym, the excitement of starting a new weight loss plan might be beginning to fade. Although losing weight is always a challenge, you need the motivation to reach your goals and work toward a better body image.

Unfortunately, doing the same go-to fitness routine can definitely start to become less-than-exciting after a few months into a weight loss program. To make exercise fun and interesting so that you don't fall back into bad habits, try some of these tips to help avoid workout boredom.

Try interval training
It's important to fit in cardio training no matter what, but some fitness programs are simply more interesting than others. Yes, it's true that you will burn calories if you run on the treadmill at a steady pace for 30 minutes each day, but mixing up this routine with intervals can push your cardio skills and keep up that intensity that you had when you first got started.

Switch to kettlebells during weight training
Free weights are a great way to increase your muscle mass and pair well with light cardio workouts such as walking. However, kettlebells are an exciting way to increase your resistance training motivation even more. As an added bonus, you can burn more calories and stabilize your balance and range of motion.

Amp up your yoga
Yoga can be a fantastic cardio workout that piques your interest, especially if you amp up your fitness with power yoga or hot yoga, which use asanas in a more vigorous manner to work toward calorie burn. Although yoga is meant to be meditative and relaxing, the movements can actually build better core muscles, get rid of stubborn arm flab and make your backside look great.

Pick a goal and work toward it
Do you have a wedding coming up that you want to look great at? Are those "skinny" jeans still sitting in the top of your closet collecting dust? Want to feel and look like you did in college? Having set goals are excellent ways to keep up your fitness motivation and limit exercise boredom.

Make a playlist
Many exercisers find that upbeat, up-tempo music is an excellent tool to help them power through a tough workout and keep their eyes off of the mile meters. Even podcasts or audiobooks could be effective in keeping your mind occupied while you work out.

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