Ways to break through a fitness plateau

Breaking through a weight loss plateau is possible if you amplify your workout and think in the long-term.
Breaking through a weight loss plateau is possible if you amplify your workout and think in the long-term.

Fitness plateaus are known to happen to even the most die-hard supporters of a weight loss plan. You have already begun to feel garcinia cambogia benefits, and then, all of sudden, the joy of the pounds dropping off begins to disappear. Unfortunately, you have hit a fitness plateau - however, there are ways to prevent and break through these instances.

Fitness plateaus 101
This is one of the most common occurrences for those who are trying to lose weight. During a fitness plateau, the numbers on your scale don't change despite sticking to the diet and exercise habits that helped you drop the excess weight you had during the beginning of your new lifestyle.

What causes fitness plateaus?
The human body is very adaptable. After all, we have learned to evolve on earth for millions of years. Because of this, a change in lifestyle - even a good one - can cause the body to catch up with itself pretty rapidly. At the beginning of a weight loss plan, water balance and hormones are influenced by a healthy diet and regular exercise.

According to the Mayo Clinic, during the first few weeks of a diet and exercise regimen, a massive decrease in weight is typical, as there are less calories being consumed, causing the body to rely on glycogen stores. Since glycogen attaches to water, much of what you are losing during this time is water weight. Once this period has passed, many will encounter a fitness plateau.

What about metabolism?
The way that your body burns calories changes, too. Plateaus can also occur when your metabolism - the process by which you convert calories into energy - slows as you lose mass. Your new, smaller body burns less calories than it did when it was heavier, which is actually a good thing because you are slowly working toward a healthy equilibrium. However, this sudden change can make you think that you have suddenly stopped losing weight.

Have you hit a fitness plateau? You're not alone
It is important to not get discouraged by the numbers you are seeing on the scale during a fitness plateau. You are certainly not alone - many people who have stuck to a diet and exercise regimen have had this happen along their weight loss journey.

How to break through a fitness plateau
Think in the long-term: Instead of aiming to drop exactly 10 pounds before swimsuit season, think about the long-term benefits you will have for your health by sticking to a balanced diet and physical activity. If you just focus on the numbers, you might become unmotivated later on.

Monitor your weight loss: Keeping a food journal and tracking your eating triggers as well as emotions can be a great way to push through a fitness plateau.

Challenge yourself: Pushing past your typical neighborhood jog and implementing strength training or intervals can keep your muscles guessing. Mixing up a treadmill session with short bursts of high cardio activity can be just the thing to avoid a fitness plateau. Keeping your muscles strong is also a great way to keep your weight balanced.

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