Ways to tone your lower body

Ways to tone your lower body.
Ways to tone your lower body.

There's never a wrong time to make sure your lower body is as toned as it can be. If you want mini-skirt worthy legs, then try out some of these moves to give you sexy, slim legs. 

Exercises to tone your lower body
You can get the perfect combination of yoga and workout with the warrior III. This move will tone your legs and your core while helping you obtain a balanced mind. You complete this move by standing with your feet together and lifting up one leg with a pointed toe. Then, put all of your body weight onto the standing leg and lift your leg toward the back of the room while dropping your head and torso to form a horizontal line. You'll want to engage your core and make sure the thigh, hip and toes are all aligned. Hold the warrior III for five breaths before returning to the standing position. 

If you're a beginner, then the chair squat is for you. The only piece of equipment you need to complete this move is a chair, which you probably have at least one of in your dining room. This move starts with your back to the chair and your feet hip-width apart. You want to keep your weight centered on your heels while drawing in your abs and ever so slightly hinging forward. Lower your butt toward the chair and just before you would sit down, stand back up. If you want great thighs, do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps. 

Easily work out the butt and legs with the low lunge hover. To do this move, stand with your feet hip-width apart before stepping your right foot behind you in a lunge position. Raise your arms above your head and bend forward at the waist. Then, lower your chest and lift the right leg. Try to hold this position for 3 seconds before returning to the starting position and switching legs. 

In addition to these lower body toning moves, try adding pure green coffee extract to your diet so you can get the body you want and the weight loss nutrition you need. 

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