Women's gyms give females the chance to bond while getting fit

Women's only gyms help females achieve fitness goals while giving them a place to socialize and network.
Women's only gyms help females achieve fitness goals while giving them a place to socialize and network.

For women, making the choice to start exercising usually revolves around one of two goals: losing weight or becoming more toned.

Both lead to an increased level of confidence, better self-esteem and a happier mood. Whether you're working on a weight loss plan or striving to become stronger in addition to taking green coffee bean extract and eating well, fitness is a crucial part of healthy living.

For a time, women's only gyms were given a bad rep as a place where the unhealthy, unfit ladies went who didn't feel comfortable in a co-ed fitness center. While it may ease comfort levels to work out in like company, these negative connotations couldn't be further from the truth.

Women's only gyms are a great place to be social
According to Reuters, women's only gyms not only provide an excellent location to get in shape burning calories lifting weights, using cardio machines and taking classes, but they're also a facility where the fairer sex can network and bond with other females.

"Men have been combining fitness and a social aspect for ages, doing business and creating relationships at the same time," Leanne Shear, trainer and founder of Uplift Studios, told Reuters. "Women have not, to their detriment."

Women can feel more comfortable talking to each other and putting themselves out there socially. When this happens, you may make a new friend who can serve as a workout buddy, or you could meet someone who could be beneficial to your professional life.

Women can bond over exercise up and downs
Shear added that these types of fitness centers bring women together as a community. Women can do everything that men do, fitness-wise, but may find traditional weight rooms or gyms off-putting.

Women's only gyms create a welcoming space that everyone can feel comfortable in. A female who's been working out for years and in good shape may not be intimidated by exercising next to men, but someone who's new to fitness might be. In a gym only meant for women, however, the fear factor can be reduced and fellow exercisers can provide motivation and encouragement for new members.

"To me the women-only gym fits into the enjoyment aspect," Dr. Barbara Bushman of the American College of Sports Medicine told Reuters. "If someone feels more comfortable in that environment and that helps them to stick with their program better, it's a great thing."

If you're not sure that a full-service, traditional gym is the way to go, whether you're just starting a fitness plan or getting back to it, a women's only gym might offer the best environment to achieve your goals and maybe make some new friends!

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