Yoga for weight loss and overall wellness

Some forms of yoga can help you achieve better balance and work toward burning calories.
Some forms of yoga can help you achieve better balance and work toward burning calories.

Many people who have made healthy living a priority in their lives claim that yoga is a wonderful activity that empowers both body and mind. According to Self Magazine, a study from the Boston School of Medicine showed that doing just one hour of asanas has been shown to increase brain chemicals that boost happiness - so it is pretty clear that this ancient practice could be great for balancing your mind.

However, are there any facts that support yoga as a means for an effective weight loss plan? While yoga is technically a physical activity, it is important to know what science says about the effects of yoga on the body and whether or not these movements can actually help you burn calories along with your green coffee diet.

Yoga activates fat-burning organs
There are several stands, poses and twists involved in yoga that help to open up the pathways to the liver and thyroid gland. These two body parts are considered some of the most important forces in helping regulate metabolism and process fat cells. According to MindBodyGreen, the liver can dispose of bad fats and help you put good fats to work. Many yoga poses, especially ones with backbends, can strengthen your liver so that it can operate more effectively.

The thyroid gland is also one of the major components for achieving proper metabolism levels. According to the source, sarvangasana and matsyasana are two active movements that benefit thyroid health by activating it - which means better fat-burning for you.

Yoga can tone you up
From your shoulders to your bum, yoga moves can definitely help your body look strengthened and toned, since many of the moves use your own body weight to improve muscle power. According to Fit Day, yoga can also help to stretch your body in a streamlined manner, so you can have an even tone that looks and feels great. Stretching in this way can also promote better blood flow and help you flush toxins from the body - an all around win-win.

But what about cardio?
According to the Mayo Clinic, not all types of yoga have the same calorie-burning benefits that you will get from aerobic exercise. For example, an hour of standard yoga will burn around 240 calories per hour, while an hour of aerobics will shed 360 calories. However, if you incorporate yoga along with light cardio like biking, jogging or swimming, you could have a very beneficial fitness plan with yoga. If you have joint problems, such as arthritis or bad knees, yoga could also be a perfect activity that can help you stay active.

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