Americans are drinking less soda

Even diet sodas are seeing a dip in sales among American consumers, according to CNN.
Even diet sodas are seeing a dip in sales among American consumers, according to CNN.

While food is definitely a major factor to consider when you start a new healthy lifestyle with weight loss vitamins, what you drink can have an impact on your calorie count as well. That's why many leading health experts have advised people to avoid sugary liquids - such as artificially sweetened soft drinks and sodas - if they want to avoid excessive weight gain.

And it looks like people - and the market - have listened. According to CNN, Americans drink about 38.6 gallons of soda per year. While that may seem like a lot, that figure is down 3.5 gallons per year from just five years ago, which shows that millions of Americans may be looking to cut fizzy drinks from their diets in an effort to stay healthier.

Sales data that was gathered by Nielsen revealed that overall spending on soft drinks in the U.S. plunged by 3.3 percent between November and one year earlier, so these effects are fairly recent as well. As for diet sodas, the trends were even more stark. American consumers overall spent 7.2 percent less on diet cola as well, so even soft drinks that are marketed as "healthy" are becoming less popular for Americans and their weight loss plans. The question is: why?

A trend toward health
CNN says that industry watchers claim the trend started around 10 years ago when the movement to remove excessive sugar as well as sugar substitutes began. Many people in the health community believe that soda, which some call "liquid candy" can be damaging to your health in many ways, and can dramatically increase your risk for becoming obese or afflicted with Type 2 diabetes.

What the science says
There have been several studies that show a correlation between drinking soda and weight gain, and one of the most notable was published in late 2012 by the New England Journal of Medicine. Over the course of the study, researchers randomly assigned more than 200 overweight and obese adolescents who drank soda regularly to experimental and control groups. The experimental group decreased their sugary drink consumption over the course of one year, while the control group continued their regular soda consumption. Scientists found that after one year, the BMI indexes of those in the experimental group were smaller.

There have been many public policy initiatives all over the world that have tried to help individuals cut back on soda consumption, most notably New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to ban soda in the city. Although the science may prove that soda can contribute to weight gain, leading health experts believe that it is just one chapter in a series of health problems facing the U.S. when it comes to weight loss nutrition.

If you are trying to make the most of your weight loss plan, you may find additional benefits from cutting soda from your meals. Since many of these drinks are high in sugar and calories and offer little to nothing in terms of nutrients, this could be perfect to make the most of your garcinia cambogia benefits.

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