Healthy, helpful eating options to prevent or control type II diabetes

Fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent foods for an eating plan to help prevent type II diabetes.
Fresh vegetables and fruits are excellent foods for an eating plan to help prevent type II diabetes.

It's no secret that type II, or adult-onset, diabetes is one of the fastest growing health concerns in the United States. A number of individuals are becoming more susceptible to this life-changing disease, but the good news is, weight loss nutrition, an increase in physical activity and better lifestyle choices can make type II diabetes largely preventable.

It's never too late to jump on the healthy living bandwagon! Here are some helpful, balanced and practical solutions that you can take to reduce your chances of developing type II diabetes.

It starts at the grocery store
Eating healthier is one of the pillars of preventing this disease, as the nutrients you put into your body have a direct impact on your body's ability to manage insulin. Before you even enter the grocery store, have a list with the following items jotted down so that you will be less likely to comb the junk food aisle for processed, sugary snacks:

Although there are some diabetic foods out there, they are often expensive and may not be much more effective than sticking to a healthy eating plan with whole foods, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Give your pantry and refrigerator a makeover
If you open your fridge and see higher fat and calorie choices, it's time for an overhaul. Throw out anything that can cause you to slip from your new lifestyle and stock up on fruits and veggies as snacks. Make sure that your pantry is always well stocked with more nutritional dry goods, such as brown rice and pasta and whole grain cereals and crackers.

If you do decide to purchase canned vegetables instead of fresh options, make sure that you thoroughly rinse them before cooking, as these veggies are typically full of added salt due to the manufacturing process. The same goes for canned fruits that are typically packed with high fructose corn syrup.

Be restaurant savvy
Enjoying a nice dinner out isn't impossible for someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic, you just have to be smart with your menu choices. Ask the waiter if your dish can be grilled instead of fried and request your dressings and sauces to be put on the side. Choosing fresh fruit, veggies or a salad as a side item instead of French fries is another balanced option if you are trying to keep your blood sugar in check.

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