Signs your thyroid isn't working right

Feeling tired after a full night's rest can be a sign of thyroid problems.
Feeling tired after a full night's rest can be a sign of thyroid problems.

Your thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland found in your neck, and it can have a major effect on a number of different bodily functions. Women older than 35 are at an increased risk of thyroid disorder by more than 30 percent when compared to younger women. Women are also 10 times more likely than men to develop a problem. 

Today, there are at least 30 million Americans with a thyroid disorder and as many as 15 million are undiagnosed. The thyroid regulates body temperature, metabolism and heartbeat. Problems with your thyroid often lead to weight issues. Thyroid issues can result from genetics, pregnancy, stress, nutritional deficiencies or toxins in the environment. 

Signs of a thyroid problems
One way to tell your thyroid isn't working correctly is feeling tired and having no energy. Although these two symptoms can be associated with a number of health conditions, they're mainly connected to hypothyroidism - when your thyroid produced too little thyroid hormone. Without enough thyroid hormone, your muscles aren't getting the notification that it's time to get moving. 

If you're feeling unusually depressed or sad, get checked out for hypothyroidism. Some say that when the gland produces too little thyroid hormone, your body may have a more difficult time getting serotonin levels in the brain to a normal level. 

Anxiety could be a sign of hyperthyroidism because the gland is producing too much of the thyroid hormone. When your body is giving too much of the "ready to go" signal, it can go haywire and leave you feeling like you can't relax. 

Being hungrier than usual can be a sign of hyperthyroidism as well. Weight gain, however, isn't typically a result of hyperthyroidism because the disorder offsets higher than normal calorie intake. However, hypothyroidism can have an effect on taste and smell.

Although sleep deprivation and aging can affect on your brain, thyroid issues can as well. Too much thyroid hormone (also known as hyperthyroidism) can lead to difficulty concentrating while hypothyroidism can lead to forgetfulness. 

Dry and itchy skin is often a symptom of hypothyroidism. Seeing changes in skin texture and appearance are signals that your metabolism is slowing down - often from too little thyroid hormone production. Nails can also become brittle if there isn't enough thyroid hormone being produced.

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