Top 3 ways exercise can benefit your skin health

One of the most underrated benefits of exercise is how great it makes your skin look and feel.
One of the most underrated benefits of exercise is how great it makes your skin look and feel.

Most of us already know how great we feel when we get through a tough workout and reap the benefits of our green coffee extract. Although staying on top of your diet and exercise plan can make you feel fantastic from the inside out, one of the most surprising benefits of breaking a sweat is right on the surface.

There are many ways that fitness benefits your skin health. Although this may seem counterintuitive since you will be working up a sweat, exercise has a profound way of maximizing your skin's appearance, giving you that "healthy glow" you've always wanted. Here's how:

3. Sweat removes toxins from your body: Your skin has a remarkable way of rejuvenating itself, and one of the ways it does this is purging all of the bad things that clog your pores - including dirt, toxins, pollution and bacteria.

"The body only has so many mechanisms to rid itself of toxins - the kidneys, the liver, and the skin," Dr. Sandra M. Johnson, a dermatologist with Johnson Dermatology in Fort Smith, Ark., said in Everyday Health. "Exercise increases blood flow to the skin, increases neuronal stimulation, and allows the sweat glands to increase their functions and rid the toxins."

This means that breaking a sweat could actually help you reduce your blemishes and pimples - just be sure that after your workouts you are showering off all of those toxins so that they don't re-clog your pores!

2. Exercise relieves stress and anxiety: When we feel overwhelmed or stressed, our skin can sometimes bear the brunt of our anxiety. That is why so many of us experience breakouts and other skin conditions when we are under pressure. However, with exercise, you can let all of that stress melt away naturally, reap the benefits of healthy living and reduce your acne triggers.

1. Exercise gives you a toned, healthy glow: Once you begin to build your muscle strength as part of a weight loss plan, it will make your skin look and feel more healthy. Toning the muscles reduces the appearance of cellulite - something we can all be thankful for.  Exercise also boosts collagen production, which can help you look younger and more vibrant. Sticking to a fitness plan can also increase the production of natural oils that moisturize your face and keep it looking supple and moisturized. This is that "healthy glow" that so many people try to achieve with skin care products - little did they know that beauty secret could be as simple as hitting the gym!

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