Vitamin B may help with stroke prevention

Vitamin B can lead to a decreased risk of suffering a stroke.
Vitamin B can lead to a decreased risk of suffering a stroke.

A new study by researchers at Zhengzhou University in China published in the journal Neurology found that individuals who take vitamin B supplements may be reducing their risk of a stroke. According to HealthDay News, the study included 14 clinical trials and almost 55,000 people. Participants were given a low dose of a vitamin B supplement or placebo and researchers then compared the results. 

The source said that among the participants, there were almost 2,500 strokes. Those who were given the vitamin B supplements saw their risk of a stroke decrease by 7 percent. Folic acid, which is found in vitamin B and fortified cereals, was shown to reduce the chances of suffering a stroke. However, they found that there was no effect on the risk of stroke in those who were taking vitamin B12. 

"Based on our results, the ability of vitamin B to reduce stroke risk may be influenced by a number of other factors, such as the body's absorption rate, the amount of folic acid or vitamin B12 concentration in the blood and whether a person has kidney disease or high blood pressure," review author Xu Yuming, of Zhengzhou University in China, said.

It's important to keep in mind that a stroke can be caused by several different factors, including hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking and obesity. According to the source, some patients are at an increased risk of suffering a stroke due to vitamin deficiencies, so medical professionals should perform a comprehensive work-up for these patients to determine their chances of having a stroke. 

Medical professionals were encouraged by the results because vitamin B is such a readily available supplement, so individuals can easily access it to decrease their chances of a stroke. 

Adding vitamin B to your diet
Yuming recommended that anyone who is interested in taking these supplements to reduce their risk of stroke should speak with their physician to determine if they're safe to take. 

Women's health improvements may result from taking vitamin B and other beneficial supplements because of their potential to reduce the risk of stroke. 

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