Ways to stay healthy during cold and flu season

Colds and the flu are some of the most common ailments that people face once the cooler weather sets in.
Colds and the flu are some of the most common ailments that people face once the cooler weather sets in.

Most of us love when the colder weather sets in once fall and winter rolls around. However, even though the warm soups, festive holidays and autumn outerwear are certainly nice things to enjoy during this season, there is no doubt that colds and flus are also a big concern for many people once the snow begins to fall.

Since cold and flu season is right around the corner, now is the time to make healthy living a priority and protect yourself from viruses that can make you sick. Luckily, many of these issues can be avoided with a little preventative action and care. Here are some easy ways you can keep the sniffles at bay during cold and flu season:

Get plenty of sleep
There is a reason why we spend roughly one-third of our lives getting some shut-eye. Simply put, it is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and energized. As a good rule of thumb, having at least seven hours of sleep each night can ensure that you aren't tired. Being unrested is an easy way to leave your system open to a virus, so don't forget to get your ZZZ's.

Wash your hands
You have been told to keep your hands clean since you were a kid, and for good reason. Our fingers can pick up a surprising number of germs and bacteria, so washing your hands often is one of the best lines of defense to avoid colds and the flu. Regularly cleaning your sinks and disinfecting common areas where hands are used - door knobs, remote controls and electronics - can also help you stop the spread of a virus.

Whether you are on a green coffee diet or not, exercise should be a part of your daily regimen for a number of reasons. Physical activity not only keeps your heart, muscles and joints healthy, it can also reduce your chances of catching a cold. When your body is strong, it can be at its fighting best against viruses. 

Eat healthy
Consuming foods with proper nutrients is not only beneficial for your weight loss plan, it can also help to ensure that sore throats and coughs aren't a problem. Lots of fruits and vegetables and probiotics can help to boost your immune system and keep bad bacteria in your digestive system from wearing you down.

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