Why you should spend more time outdoors

Simply being outside has been linked to better health for your body and mind.
Simply being outside has been linked to better health for your body and mind.

When you were a kid, you probably remember spending many afternoons playing in the backyard or in a park until it was time for dinner. Although you may think that spending time in the outdoors was great for you as a child, it can also be a major part of healthy living as an adult.

There are many reasons why spending time outside is great for your health, both in a physical and mental state, according to Harvard University. No matter what time of year it is, getting outside into the fresh air can awaken your senses and boost your overall wellness. Here's how:

You get more vitamin D
One of the best ways to activate healthy function of vital organs like the kidneys and liver is to get your daily amount of vitamin D, which is often called the "sunshine vitamin." In a truly remarkable natural process, when light hits your skin, this vitamin is biologically activated. According to Harvard, vitamin D has been linked to the prevention of cancer, depression, heart attack and stroke.

Unfortunately, many Americans lack the proper amount of vitamin D circulating through their systems, but all of that can be changed by getting outside more.

You will exercise more
There is no doubt that being in the great outdoors encourages physical activity, even if you are simply going on a brisk walk. Although being in a gym can certainly encourage you to work toward a better body image, the truth is, spending a lot of time indoors in general promotes a more sedentary lifestyle. If you are looking to lose weight, it's better to lace up those sneakers and open the front door.

Instead of spending time in front of the computer or TV in your spare time, try to find a hobby that encourages being outside, such as gardening, cycling, flying disc golf or a recreation sport league. 

Vitamin D has been linked to faster healing
We've been told that staying indoors is best when we are sick, but that old assumption may not work for everyone. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh revealed that patients who were exposed to sunlight experienced less pain and stress, took less medication and lowered their cost of medicine after undergoing spinal surgery. This means that you could heal faster from certain ailments by simply getting outside in the sun and enjoying the fresh air.

Being outside promotes happiness
According to the National Wildlife Federation, children's stress levels fall just after a few minutes of being in green spaces. They also stated that outdoor play encouraged better emotional development because they felt less compelled to engage in a hurried lifestyle, which has been connected to anxiety and depression. If this is true for children, then is can certainly be a great motivating factor for adults. If you are feeling down or feeling less-than-enthused about heading to the gym, try mixing up your weight loss plan with a hike in the woods - it could help improve your body and mind.

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