The best energy-boosting foods

Eating fresh fruits can give you the boost of energy you need.
Eating fresh fruits can give you the boost of energy you need.

On a weight loss diet for women but don't quite have the energy you need to get up and go? There are superfoods for that. 

Help your body get a good source of vitamin B from spinach. Enjoy a spinach salad for lunch or dinner to boost metabolism, give you a spurt of energy and protect your cells with antioxidants.

Another good choice is beans because they take longer to digest than other foods, contain fiber and help you feel full. There are several ways to incorporate beans into your daily diet, including tacos or burritos.

For a major boost of energy, enjoy a cup of Greek yogurt. This delicious superfood is great for needed protein. The carbs and fat will give a nice charge-up for a burst of energy. If you don't like the taste of plain Greek yogurt, add in your favorite fresh fruit for a little extra taste. 

We all know that water can help you feel fuller, but not everyone likes the taste of plain water. For an added boost of energy, add lemon to your water. This will turn the water into a natural energy drink full of electrolytes - a compound that helps cells produce energy.

For a quick snack and energy booster, eat fresh fruit. The natural sugar in fruit will give you the energy you need when you start feeling tired while also helping to keep your blood sugar at steady levels. 

For a food high in magnesium, a key component in converting sugar to energy, eat plenty of nuts. Almonds and hazelnuts as well as cashews are good for helping you feel full because of their high fiber content. If you want to munch on some protein during the day to fight off hunger, carry around a bag of nuts in your purse or day bag.

Foods to avoid
To stay away from sugar crashes, don't eat donuts. As one of the worst foods for sucking up your energy, donuts are a food to be avoided.

White bread is just as bad as sweets when it comes to taking away energy. Although the refined carbs will provide a boost of quick energy, an alternative option is whole-grain bread which provides a higher fiber content.

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