The best fall foods

Pumpkins are a fall superfood that provide many health benefits.
Pumpkins are a fall superfood that provide many health benefits.

Although fall is a time for family gatherings and the beginning of the holiday season, we don't have to let all the delicious foods detract from our weight loss plan thanks to fall superfoods. There are a number of foods hitting their peak now that the summer months are coming to an end and the weather is getting cooler. 

The antioxidants in apples, sweet or tart, make them a good option for fall. You can eat them nearly any way - raw or baked into your favorite desserts. This delicious fruit also contains 4 grams of dietary fiber per serving, making them a heart-healthy option. 

Bake or poach pears to bring out their flavor. This fall superfood is a good source of vitamin C and copper. It also provides 4 grams of fiber per serving with a peak harvest season running from August through February. 

If you're looking for a good source of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids, try winter squash. The harvest season for this fine textured fruit runs from October through February and offers a slightly sweet flavor. Winter squash can be stored for months due to its thick skin and is delicious with cinnamon and ginger. 

Pumpkin, of course, is a fall superfood that you can't wait to bite into. It's sweet taste can be incorporated into a number of dishes including pudding, pie and cake. Pumpkins are rich in potassium, vitamin B and their harvest season is from October through February. 

The harvest season for cauliflower is from September through June, making it one of the longest. Cauliflower contains compounds that may help prevent cancer and phytonutrients that can lower cholesterol. They're also a good source of vitamin C. 

Even with a mild and seemingly bitter taste, Brussels sprouts can be delicious if they're made the right way. To balance out the taste, add sauces like balsamic vinegar. These little veggies are a good source of folate and iron. 

If you want a good source of vitamin A, iron and anti-inflammatory benefits, try sweet potatoes. This vegetable can be cooked in a number of ways outside your traditional Thanksgiving casserole including wedges or fries. 

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