The best fruit-infused water recipes

Change up the taste of water with fruit-infused recipes.
Change up the taste of water with fruit-infused recipes.

Not everyone enjoys the taste of plain water, so someone came up with the most amazing idea ever - to add fruit to make water taste better! Water keeps you hydrated and is great for weight loss help, but if you cringe at the though of drinking eight glasses a day, infusing it with fruit and herbs may be a better option. These fruit-infused water recipes are both delicious and diet-approved. 

Raspberry lime
If you want something that's both tangy and sweet, try raspberry lime infused water. This is one you'll want to sit overnight, so make sure you plan accordingly. For a 32-ounce mason jar, use 8-10 raspberries. Crush them with a wood muddle and add a small lime with the rind removed. After infusing overnight, strain the water before serving or pouring it into your water bottle. Make sure you remove the rind to avoid adding a bitter taste to this fruity water. 

Orange pineapple
For a beachy, summer taste, choose water infused with orange and pineapple. This is a classic beverage to bring to the beach or serve at a summertime gathering. If you want to surprise your guests, use half of a pineapple and one sliced orange with the peel still on. Add enough water to create 2 gallons of this beverage.

Blackberry mint
Enjoy the taste of this infused water almost instantly. Since the blackberries will be smashed, their juices will be released and immediately begin to add flavor to the water. For a 32-ounce jar, use 10 muddled blackberries and 10 torn mint leaves. Muddle the blackberries to a pulp before adding the mint and then the water. 

Cucumber lemon
To create a great tasting water, add cucumber and lemon. For a pitcher of this delightful concoction, combine 12 thin slices of cucumber with four thin slices of lemon. Add that to six cups of water and drop in some ice to help it chill faster. Let it infuse for 2-8 hours before serving. 

Pomegranate blueberry
For this fruit-infused recipe, use a small (8 ounce) box of blueberries as well as one to two cups of fresh pomegranate seeds. Use a 2 quarter pitcher to combine the water, pomegranate seeds and blueberries. Let the mixture sit for 2-8 hours before serving over ice. 

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