Best protein choices for weight loss

Salmon is a low-calorie protein-rich food that is tasty as well as healthy.
Salmon is a low-calorie protein-rich food that is tasty as well as healthy.

Fad diets may come and go, but there is one thing that we know about a weight loss plan - you need healthy proteins to stay strong and maximize the benefits of a green coffee diet. Our bodies crave protein because it helps to build lean muscle, work toward a healthy appetite, better portion control and provide many nutrients that we need for healthy living.

According to LiveScience, a protein-rich diet is one the best things you can do to drop those extra pounds. However, not all protein options are created equal. Some meat and poultry choices are loaded with fat and cholesterol that can actually slow down your weight loss efforts.

To help you make better choices the next time you go grocery shopping, here is a breakdown of some of the best proteins for weight loss:

This omega-3 packed fish is one of the best natural sources for protein and is a go-to for those who struggle with diabetes. It has also been shown to speed up fat oxidation and reduce inflammation, making it a healthier choice for your meals overall. The best thing about salmon is its versatility: It can be added to a fresh salad for lunch or can serve as your main course for dinner.

Greek yogurt
Besides being loaded with calcium and probiotics, this product contains small amounts of lactose, so it is easy on the digestive system. It is a great lower-fat substitute for sour cream - which means you can serve up healthy dips that are excellent for protein-rich snacking. Greek yogurt is also tailor-made for smoothies or it can be part of a balanced breakfast when topped with granola.

Weight loss fanatics already know that grilled chicken breast is one of the go-to staples for losing weight, but you can get even more versatile with this protein than you may think. Many grocers and butchers now carry chicken sausage varieties, so you can serve up some of your favorite encased meat recipes with a healthier twist!

Split peas
Split peas are an excellent veggie to have around, mostly because they are so versatile. You can easily include them in curries, pasta dishes and salads. They are also low in fat and high in protein and fiber, making them an excellent option for weight loss and digestion.

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