Can juicing help your weight loss plan?

Juicing can help you lose weight. However, it doesn't come without its own set of drawbacks.
Juicing can help you lose weight. However, it doesn't come without its own set of drawbacks.

If you talked to someone decades ago and told them that juicing was a dieting thing, they might not have believed you. Yet many people today use juicing as a part of a weight loss plan or healthy living. You might expect that juicing would be popular in health-conscious communities like Southern California, but juice bars have been popping up all over the U.S.

So when did juicing become such an "it" fad? And can it actually help you lose weight? Just like so many things about healthy living, there is no definite answer to these questions for everyone. However, some have found dieting success from juicing.

Juicing 101
Juicing is quite simple, really. Most people will use a small kitchen appliance called a juicer to completely extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. If you want to start juicing, it may set you back in the financial department. Not only is produce more expensive than other grocery items, but juicers can cost up to $500 a pop.

There are several different types of juicers on the market. There are "fast" juicers, which work by grinding your fruits and juices to obtain the juice. Another choice is "slow" juicers, which are more expensive. They work by crushing the fruits and veggies, then pressing out the juice slowly. Then, there are "whole food" juicers, which are very similar to blenders, as they completely pulverize the produce into a liquid.

How dedicated do you have to be for a juicing diet?
Just like any other eating plan, there are variations to a juicing diet. While some individuals stick to a complete juice fast, others stagger juice as a meal as part of weight loss nutrition with solid foods. Many individuals will also drink freshly squeezed juice as their morning meal.

Does juicing really help you lose weight?
You can definitely lose weight by juicing. With this type of diet plan, you are consuming less calories and sticking to a plant-based diet, so you will have less cholesterol and fat. However, there are some drawbacks to a juicing diet.

"Don't think because you're juicing that you're off the hook with eating fruits and vegetables," Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, CSSD, an Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesman and founder of Eating Free, a weight management program, said in WebMD.

While it's true that juicing helps you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in a quick and simple way, it isn't the most healthy way of eating them. When you juice produce, you are extracting vitamins and minerals, but the bulk of the fiber - which is a key nutrient for a weight loss plan - comes from the pulp. This means that contrary to popular belief, juicing isn't nearly as good for your green coffee diet than whole fruits and vegetables.

Long story short: Kickstarting weight loss with juicing and your garcinia cambogia benefits can be a great way to make a clean, fresh start. However, your body needs nutrients from other food groups as well, so staying on an all-juice diet for too long might not be the best idea in the long term.

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