Easy ways to 'sneak in' fruits and veggies into your meals

There are several ways you can include fruits and vegetables into your favorite recipes.
There are several ways you can include fruits and vegetables into your favorite recipes.

Many people who are concerned with healthy living know that eating fruits and vegetables is an important part of their meal plans. However, with only one-fourth of Americans consuming the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables they need to stay healthy and live a balanced lifestyle, many families need to brush up on their fruit and veggie intake.

The good news is, there are many ways you can "sneak in" fruits and veggies into your favorite dishes to make them healthier and kid-friendly. All you need are a few kitchen utensils and some creativity! Here are a few ideas to get you started on a weight loss plan with ample nutrients sneaked in:

Mashed cauliflower
Mashed potatoes are a favorite during Thanksgiving, and anytime really. However, if you are watching your carb intake, they can be a hindrance to weight loss nutrition. Luckily, you can enjoy the same flavors and consistency of mashed potatoes by boiling or steaming cauliflower and then mashing them. We bet your kids won't even know the difference, and you'll be eating far less calories. 

Grab a grater and start mixing
A vegetable grater is a handy gadget that can do wonders for sneaking vegetables into your favorite meat dishes. For example, if you are making turkey burgers, some shreds of grated carrot and zucchini work perfectly into the patties and add an extra crunch to your burger. You can also add grated vegetables to your favorite meatloaf or meatball recipe quite easily. As an added bonus, the veggies will add more moisture, making classic dishes even more delectable.

Veggify your pizza
As the saying goes, there is no such thing as bad pizza, but more often than not, just one slice has more calories than you typically need in a whole meal. However, pizza doesn't always have to be unhealthy! Instead of the sodium-filled, calorie-laden meats like pepperoni, sausage and bacon, opt for loading up your pie with tons of fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, peppers, basil or even broccoli. If you use a whole-wheat crust, you can make the dish even more healthy.

Make fruit your dessert
There's no denying that there are a lot of sweet tooths out there. If you have a craving for apple pie, for instance, try making a version of it that won't put a damper on your diet plan. Dice up some fresh apples, squeeze some lemon juice on them and then sprinkle it with cinnamon. This way, you have all the flavors of a homemade apple pie with a fraction of the calories.

Homestyle options
Some of our favorite homestyle dinners can taste fantastic with fresh or frozen vegetables thrown in. Meals like stir-fry, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and meatballs and slow cooked soups can easily be taken up a notch in nutrients and flavor with some added ingredients. Grab a handful of fresh spinach and toss it into your marinara sauce, toss in some frozen peas to your mac and cheese or add some fresh carrots, zucchini or pineapple to your next stir-fry.

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