Five winter veggies that maximize a weight loss plan

Chopped kale can work wonderfully in winter soups and provides many nutrients for your diet needs.
Chopped kale can work wonderfully in winter soups and provides many nutrients for your diet needs.

Staying on track with your weight loss nutrition can be tough during the winter months. Not only does the chilly weather make it tough to exercise, but you are also limited when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when our diets go through a yo-yo phase. On the one hand, you want to enjoy the comfort foods that are so common during the holidays, while on the other you have a renewed sense of purpose after the New Year to keep up with healthy habits.

Fortunately, there are a few winter veggies that are packed with nutrients that can help with anyone on a green coffee diet. Our bodies need these components year-round, so start the holidays and the New Year right by including these healthy winter veggies into some of your favorite recipes.

Spaghetti squash: There is something almost fantasy-like when you bake spaghetti squash. When you first cut into it, it looks the same as any other winter squash, but once the oven heats up, you can see the "spaghetti" start to form. Flake it, and you have a healthy, delicious alternative to pasta for your favorite Italian dishes. According to Eating Well magazine, spaghetti squash has around 42 calories per serving - so you can go ahead and have seconds with that marinara sauce and Parmesan.

Kale: This leafy green is the "it" vegetable of the moment, and for good reason. You can't go wrong with eating kale, as it is considered one of the best superfoods out there. You name a vitamin, and kale probably has it, including beta carotene, vitamin C and phytochemicals. It's also perfect for your weight loss plan because it can help you feel fuller for longer, and it's perfect for winter dishes since it works wonderfully in soups. 

Potatoes: These root vegetables are typically shied away from by weight loss enthusiasts, as they are a starchy. However, much of the unhealthy properties of potatoes are due to the preparation - think cheese, oil and grease. Baked, roasted or boiled potatoes eaten in a balanced regimen can be beneficial for your health, just stay away from creamy mashed potatoes or French fries, and go easy or light on the toppings.

Brussels sprouts: If you avoided Brussels sprouts as a kid, you may want to give them a go this winter season to make the most of your garcinia cambogia benefits. Much like kale and other leafy greens, they are chock full of nutrients, including vitamins A, C and K. Just a bit of garlic and olive oil can really maximize the flavor of Brussels sprouts, especially when they are sauteed.

Carrots: Whether you cook them into a satisfying soup, eat them raw or serve them along with your favorite dip, carrots are an excellent winter vegetable. They are versatile, slightly sweet and tasty even on their own. There are many minerals found in carrots and vitamins A, K and C.

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