Grocery shopping tips for weight loss

The foundation of a weight loss plan begins with healthy eating, making your trips to the grocery store very important.
The foundation of a weight loss plan begins with healthy eating, making your trips to the grocery store very important.

If you really want to step up your game with exercise and garcinia cambogia benefits, it all begins with a healthy and balanced diet. Yet sometimes we forget that weight loss success isn't just about what you order at a restaurant or how many hours you logged in at the gym last week. Believe it or not, the foundation of your weight loss plan usually starts when you are combing the aisles of your local grocery store.

Keeping your grocery cart as weight loss-friendly as possible is sometimes easier said than done, however. With many high-calorie and high-fat temptations lurking around every aisle (and let's not even get started with the candy in the checkout lane), keeping your weight management efforts in check at the grocery store can be challenging.

Here are some helpful tips for making your next trip to the local grocer or farmers market one that complements your new body image.

1. Make a list and stick to it
This may sound a bit boring, but making a list for all of your grocery items is good for your waistline and your wallet. When you have a detailed queue lined up for all of the recipes you want to serve for that week, not only will you be less likely to deviate from your original weight loss plan, you will also be less tempted to toss in those last-minute snacks and purchases that can really add up.

2. Stick to the perimeter
In most grocery stores, owners will design their layout to have fresh produce, lean meats, seafoods and fresh bread items along the perimeter. During your first round of grocery shopping, cruise these sections of the store first, then get whatever items you need from the inner aisles. This way, even if you do toss something into your cart that isn't on your list, it will likely be something healthy.

3. Make budgeting a priority
One excellent way to prevent splurging on unhealthy snacks is to budget out your healthy food list, grab whatever necessary cash you need to pay for your groceries and then leave the debit and credit cards at home. Having a set amount of money can keep you from putting those cookies in the cart on your way out.

4. Don't shop hungry
You have probably heard this tip before, but there is a lot of truth to grocery shopping on a full stomach. When your stomach is growling, the sight of brownies in the bakery section or the long aisles of chips and soda may be too tempting for you to forego. Shopping just after a meal will make these items less tempting because you are satisfied.

5. Be wary of imitators
There are a lot of grocery items out there that may be advertised as "health foods," but really are packed with artificial sugars, preservatives, empty calories and sodium. Although it does take some time off the clock, it's worth it to read nutrition labels carefully so that you know exactly what you are eating. Chances are if you can't pronounce the first five ingredients on the list, it shouldn't be in your grocery cart. Sticking to whole, fresh foods is always a safe bet, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

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