Healthy Super Bowl appetizer and snack ideas

Guacamole is an excellent dip that is tasty, football-friendly and loaded with nutrients.
Guacamole is an excellent dip that is tasty, football-friendly and loaded with nutrients.

Every winter, millions of Americans gather to watch the Super Bowl - perhaps the most popular televised sporting event in the U.S. Whether you are watching for the game or the commercials, it's likely that the options you will have for snacks at many Super Bowl parties may not be the best options for your weight loss plan.

After the national anthem has been sung, the kickoff is completed and the pigskin is being thrown around, your guests are going to get a little hungry. The classic apps that you will find at many Super Bowl parties are going to be loaded with saturated fat and calories, including pizza rolls, buffalo wings, nachos and beer.

However, there are several appetizers that are perfect for snacking that you can include in your lineup that won't put a dent in your weight loss nutrition plan. This way, you can relax, watch the game and still enjoy healthy snacks. Here are a few balanced alternatives for those common less-than-healthy options:

Veggies and guacamole
Almost everyone loves guac, but for the most part, the traditional way of serving this creamy healthy dip is with carb-loaded chips. You can cut back on calories and get loads of nutrients by dipping baby carrots, broccoli and other crudite instead. This will help you get plenty of vitamin C and still enjoy a tasty treat.

Zucchini fries
Zucchini is loaded with vitamin C and manganese - and taste excellent deep-fried, much like you would with potatoes. Take a hint from The Greatist by sprinkling Parmesan cheese on stop, then dipping them into a low-calorie barbecue sauce.

Tangy baked barbecue wings
Who says you can't have chicken wings at your Super Bowl party? You can still enjoy this classic football favorite while sticking to healthy living choices. Health magazine featured an excellent recipe that combines vodka, lemon and olive oil as a coating for the wings, and the chicken is baked, not fried, making them just 173 calories per serving.

Twice baked sweet potatoes
Many football fans love the flavor of twice baked potatoes, but they are unfortunately loaded with unhealthy ingredients. You can still enjoy this option as a splurge, but instead of a standard russet potato, try to opt for sweet potatoes, which have beta-carotene and less calories.

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