How to make mindful eating a part of weight loss nutrition

Fully appreciating the flavors of your meal can help prevent overeating and make dishes more special.
Fully appreciating the flavors of your meal can help prevent overeating and make dishes more special.

Eating is supposed to be a delightful experience that utilizes all of the benefits of garcinia cambogia supplements. However, it is not uncommon for dieters to encounter remarks to themselves such as "how did I eat six cookies?" or "where did half of this bag of potato chips go?"

We've all been there. You're watching a movie, snacking while writing a big proposal for work or talking with friends over dinner, you look down and suddenly realize that you have consumed way too many calories than was needed for your green coffee diet. There are many environmental and social factors that contribute to "mindless" eating, but fortunately, there are several methods to counter this bad habit as well.

An introduction to mindful eating
Mindful eating, or intuitive eating, stems from an ancient Buddhist teaching that connects us with the act of consuming food and its relation to our body and mind. If it sounds simple enough, it was meant to be by design.

Eating should be a pleasurable and enjoyable experience, and mindful eating is an act that involves using all of your senses during meal time. Things like colors, smells, temperatures and flavors are all part of mindful eating and should be noted. When you are fully engaged in the act of eating, you are much less likely to overeat or binge eat.

Using your mental and physical cues
For many people who overeat, emotional cues are to blame. Let's say your kids have stressed you out, work has been causing anxiety, you recently went through a breakup or encountered a big life change, such as a move. You may be seeking comfort from food during this time without even realizing it.

Paying attention to your physical cues for hunger rather than your emotional ones is key to understanding mindful eating. When you reach for a snack, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if you are just trying to find a way to cope or pass the time.

Eliminate distractions and pay attention to your meal
Completely eliminating your screens can go a long way when it comes to mindless eating. Although technology and entertainment are great things, they can inhibit your focus on the meal in front of you. Instead of inhaling your dish, take the time to appreciate the flavors of each ingredient. You'll eat less and your meals will become much more special!

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