Spice up healthy food options

Cooking with different spices keeps your meals interesting and flavorful.
Cooking with different spices keeps your meals interesting and flavorful.

One complaint many people may have about a weight loss plan  is that making a change toward nutritious foods can occasionally end up in bland, tasteless meals. If you're a fan of chicken, but don't dress it up before cooking it, it will result in a rather flavorless and unsatisfying dish. When you don't feel satiated, it can lead to binge eating and deter the efforts of your garcinia cambogia supplement.

If you're having this problem, don't fear! There's an easy solution: freshen up that old spice rack.

"Tastier foods are more satisfying than bland ones, which you tend to eat faster, and with less fulfillment," Dr. David Heber, a professor of medicine, and director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, told WebMD.

Salt is often a go-to ingredient for adding some kick to a meal, but this seasoning is not the healthiest of options. Instead, revamp your spice storage and include a variety of choices that make meals more savory, spicy, sweet or rich. Not only will your recipes seem infinitely more appealing and unique, helping you avoid food boredom, you will receive the added health benefits many spices provide.

Spices can improve your health
Turmeric and garlic, for example, are thought to help lower the risk of cancer, while ginger can reduce nausea and the pain and swelling from arthritis. Oregano is packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, and cinnamon is believed to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Initially, it's a good idea to examine the spices you currently have in the kitchen and determine which need to be tossed and those that are still useable. Typically, spices should only be kept for up to a year or so, though whole spices tend to last longer. To test your dried herbs, run a little bit between your fingers. If there's not much of an aroma, it's time to replace them.

Update that spice rack
When giving your spice collection an overhaul, it's a good idea to keep them in a cool, dry place because they can lose their flavor over time, especially if they are stored near heat.

It's a good idea to get at least the basics if you're just starting to cook with spices. Some these include cumin, peppercorn, fennel seed, nutmeg, ginger, curry, chili powder, mustard seed, cinnamon, allspice, paprika and more. Dried herbs are great, but fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil and sage are excellent as well.

Healthy-eating author Kate Geagan told WebMS that you can expand your palate by incorporating herbs and spices into your meals without adding extra, unwanted calories.

Once you have the essentials, you can try different variations on lean meats like chicken and turkey or add a boost to your salads and veggies to see what tastes best. And with so many combinations, you're certainly won't suffer from food boredom.

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