Study: Americans need to eat more whole grains

Adults should be eating more whole grains each day.
Adults should be eating more whole grains each day.

You may have heard that eating whole grains is beneficial for weight loss nutrition and healthy living, but do you know what the recommended amount is?

It turns out that many people aren't eating enough whole grains each day, which also means they're not getting enough dietary fiber in their diet, according to a recent study published in the journal Nutrition Research.

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The Whole Grains Council pointed out dietary guidelines suggesting that adults should eat whole grains for at least half of their grain servings, which is three to five daily.

Health benefits of whole grains and dietary (or bulk) fiber
The source also noted that whole grains provide a wealth of health benefits, including reducing the risk of illnesses such as:

Whole grains can also assist with improved weight maintenance and blood pressure levels, lower the risk of asthma and inflammatory disease and reduce the chances of colorectal cancer, gum disease and tooth loss.

With so many benefits, everyone should eat as many whole grains as they can!

However, the researchers found that only 8 percent of adults are eating the recommended three servings per day, and 42 percent of men and women don't consume any whole grains at all, based on data from 9,042 participants surveyed between 2009 and 2010. The team also learned that people who ate the highest amounts of whole grains also had the most fiber intakes, averaging about 28 grams per day for adults. The findings showed that adults who eat the recommended amount of whole grains were 76 times more likely to get the most fiber as well.

"The study reinforces the preponderance of scientific evidence and supports the recommendations set forth by many dietary guidelines advisory committees within the U.S. and throughout the globe," Roger Clemens, an advisor for the most recent government-backed U.S. dietary guidelines, told Reuters.

What whole grains can you add to your weight loss plan?
There are a variety of ways to ensure that you get the recommended amount of whole grains each day.

If you're cooking you can use ingredients such as:

Instead of reaching for a sweet treat as a snack (or breakfast) try:

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