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Just half a cup of edamame contain 8 grams of protein.
Just half a cup of edamame contain 8 grams of protein.

Let's face it: There's a lot to love about food, so sometimes it can be hard to stop eating before you've consumed that last bit of macaroni and cheese or final piece of pizza. With the right foods and natural weight loss help supplements, however, your tank can feel full for longer, so you'll be less likely to reach for that extra helping later on. Here are some of the best:

Your doctor probably didn't mention it, but in addition to being full of much-needed vitamins and minerals, apples are also packed with fiber and have a high water content. According to Best Health magazine, one apple has about 4 grams of fiber, which is 6 percent of your daily fiber requirement if you eat about 2,000 calories per day. Additionally, red delicious and Granny Smith apples are both two of the top 20 foods for high antioxidant concentrations, and all apples contain high levels of pectin, which help to maintain your blood sugar and minimize those times when you feel a sudden drop in energy. 

Tofu is a great healthy substitute for meat in a number of dishes, but you can also enjoy soybeans in their pods! Called edamame, these soybeans have been boiled and lightly sprinkled with salt and are a satisfying snack that's perfect for between meals or as part of lunch or dinner. Edamame is packed with protein - half a cup has more than 8 grams - so you'll be feeling full after just eating a few of these delicious little pods.

Eggs may get a bad rap for their cholesterol content, but eating just two during a meal can help you control your hunger for as long as 36 hours. Eggs are filled with protein and provide you with energy that's slow to burn and stays with you all day, keeping hunger at bay.

Natural ProcessTM knows that eating right is a huge part of staying healthy and maintaining a proper weight. Complement your diet with one of our natural supplements to get the most out of the nutrients you're putting in!

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