Tasty frozen treats that won't ruin your weight loss plan

Enjoy frozen treats without sacrificing your weight loss goals.
Enjoy frozen treats without sacrificing your weight loss goals.

When it's hot outside the most important thing on your mind may be what frozen treat will offer you the pleasure of cooling down without adding up the calories and throwing off your weight loss plan. If you're looking for sweet, cool treats to bring some refreshment from those hot summer days, look no further. 

A half cup of Breyers cookies and cream ice cream contains just 120 calories, so you get to enjoy the taste of cookies and the cooling feel of ice cream in one bite. This treat was enjoyed by so many readers at Self Magazine that it was given the Healthy Food Award. 

For an easy-to-make frozen drink, try a banana-ginger smoothie. The recipe only contains four ingredients - 3 medium bananas, 1 1/12 cups of 2 percent milk, 1 1/2 cups of ice cubs and 2 1/2 tablespoons of chopped ginger - and only has 128 calories per serving. Not only is it low in calories but it also contains a significant amount of potassium from the bananas to lower your stress hormone cortisol. 

Popsicle lovers can dive into a box of Fruttare mango pops. Each bar is just 60 calories and has no fat but doesn't sacrifice taste. 

One bonus drink you may not have known would qualify for a low-calorie treat list is a Starbucks caramel frappucino light. A tall size of this yummy drink only has 130 calories with just one gram of fat. Talk about a guilty pleasure that doesn't have to be quite so guilty anymore!

More skinny sweet treats
Instead of putting the pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia FroYo down, eat up! At just 160 calories per half-cup, you'll be able to enjoy the delicious taste of cherries and fudge in cherry flavored low-fat frozen yogurt. 

If you're an ice cream sandwich kind of girl, try the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in both vanilla and chocolate. There are only 140 calories in each sandwich so you can indulge in the soft chocolate wafers and the perfect combination of ice cream filling. 

At just 100 calories per bar, there's a low-fat toffee flavored ice cream treat dipped in chocolate by Blue Bunny. Get your fix of English toffee and ice cream in one low-cal snack. 

Childhood treats are coming back in a way you'd never imagine. Popsicle Tropicals are sugar-free and the perfect way to cool off at just 15 calories per bar. With a mixture of flavors including citrus mix, fruit fusion and tropical strawberry, you'll wish you had been eating these much earlier.

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