Tips for dining out on a weight loss plan

Dining out doesn't have to end your diet plan if you make smart menu choices.
Dining out doesn't have to end your diet plan if you make smart menu choices.

Most of us already know that cooking healthy whole foods from your own kitchen is the best way to maximize your garcinia cambogia benefits, but sometimes, dining out may be your best eating option. Whether you don't have the time to make it to the grocery store or you are going out on a family dinner or date, eating at a restaurant is a fun eating option - but it can be a challenging event if you are on a green coffee diet.

Fortunately, there are ways to enjoy a nice dinner out without racking up the calories. To get the most out of your weight loss vitamins, keep this dining strategy in mind.

Give yourself a preview
Most restaurants have an online menu these days, giving you an excellent opportunity to see if the dishes that are being prepared are appropriate for your diet plan.

Order first
If your friends or date order unhealthy items off of the menu before you do, you might be more inclined to make bad diet decisions. Ordering first ensures that you stick to your healthy goals without any pressure.

Ask questions
Don't be afraid to ask the server how certain items are prepared. For instance, asking him or her if the chicken is fried or grilled can have a big impact on your calorie count. Many times, chefs will gladly modify their dishes for you, so request substitutions and make special requests that can pair perfectly with your new lifestyle.

Avoid pre-dinner snacking
If the restaurant you frequent offers bread or some other appetizer before dinner, inform him or her that you would like to decline it. Sometimes "out of sight, out of mind" works best when you are dining out.

Salads and sharing
Not all salads are healthy, so check to see that preparations and ingredients coincide with your weight loss plan. Since restaurant portions tend to run on the hefty side, consider sharing a dish with a friend or family member to reduce calorie intake.

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