Tips for making Thanksgiving healthier

There are several ways to make your favorite Thanksgiving dishes lighter and healthier.
There are several ways to make your favorite Thanksgiving dishes lighter and healthier.

It's November, the weather is cooling, and the grocery stores are already starting to advertise for Thanksgiving. Although this day is set aside for remembering the beginning of the United States and spending time with family, overeating has definitely become another aspect of turkey day.

Mashed potatoes, stuffing, loads of butter and fried foods are usually part of the celebration and can be hard to resist for people who are sticking to weight loss nutrition limitations. However, if you are trying to stick to healthy living with your garcinia cambogia benefits, there are some solutions to make your Thanksgiving celebration more balanced and less fatty. Here are some ways to get started:

Keep an eye on your portions
Usually during Thanksgiving, unhealthy portions sizes are to blame more than the actual side dishes themselves. It's OK to indulge in some of these foods; after all, you are celebrating. But with all of these calorie-dense options, there is usually no need to go for seconds, especially if you are already full.

Make sure your plate is half-filled with veggies
Beets, carrots, leafy greens and sweet potatoes are usually part of the celebration, so why not fill up half of your plate to stick to a balanced meal during Thanksgiving? In fact, starting with lower-density foods, such as a salad, can help you feel full faster so that you are less likely to indulge in that second helping of pumpkin pie later on.

Eat breakfast
Many times, people will not eat all day, and their stomachs are rumbling by the time the turkey is done. You may think that not eating breakfast will help you reduce your caloric intake for the day. More often than not, this can cause you to overindulge once the bird hits the table, which is actually counterproductive for your weight loss plan.

Stay active
Many people will feel sleepy and lethargic after the Thanksgiving meal, but taking a nap right after a calorie-laden plate of food is the last thing you will want to do if you are trying to lose weight successfully. Try fitting in an exercise session earlier in the day or simply going for a walk after the meal is over. This will help you digest your food better and burn off some calories and fat as well.

Substitute healthier ingredients
There are many ways to lighten up some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes without sacrificing flavor. Here are a few healthier suggestions:

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