Top 5 brain-boosting foods

Berries are some of the best brain-boosting foods out there, as they contain high levels of antioxidants.
Berries are some of the best brain-boosting foods out there, as they contain high levels of antioxidants.

Most of us know that eating certain foods can help with a weight loss plan or getting over a cold. However, did you know that there are kinds of cuisine that can actually enhance your brain power? Eating a balanced diet can certainly boost your overall health and wellbeing, including your brain skills!

"Your memory, attention span, and ability to learn will benefit from the healthful foods you'll be choosing," Cynthia Green, PhD, founder and director of the Memory Enhancement Program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, explained to Prevention Magazine.

There are several foods with key vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are perfect for helping your brain cells and preventing inflammation. Eating some of these foods may be just the thing to give you the focus and skills you need to promote healthy living.

Berries are some of the most popular fruits out there, and for good reason. Naturally sweet, perfect for pastries and colorful, berries are the ideal snack or side dish with a healthy meal. Their antioxidants also provide a slew of health benefits. These delicious fruits can clear out free radicals in neurons, which could prevent you from future damage.

Fatty fish
Fish in general is a wonderful protein that provides many key nutrients without a lot of extra calories or cholesterol. Fattier fish, such as salmon, mackerel, herring, trout and tuna, are full of essential fatty acids that occur naturally. Low levels of EPA and DHA - two important omega 3 fatty acids - has been linked to higher likelihood of developing Alzheimer's and memory loss, according to the BBC.

Not a fan of fish? There are many other items that carry these fatty acids, including flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnut oil and soy beans. As added bonuses, these sources are also great for your joints and heart.

Whole grains
Just like any other organ, the brain needs energy to carry out its daily functions, and we get this from carbohydrates. However, as most healthy people know, starches are not all created equal. For the biggest health boost for your brain and body, try whole grain cereals, breads and pastas. The glucose from these products are slowly released, giving you a steady supply of energy to the brain.

Dark leafy greens
Iron levels are very important for cognitive function, and according to studies, even low amounts of this nutrient can negatively affect learning and memory, according to EatingWell Magazine. Consuming leafy greens that are high in iron are not only a great way to boost the effects of your green coffee diet, but they can also power your brain.

Perfect as a snack, nuts are chock full of vitamin E, a substance that has been proven to prevent cognitive decline. According to Prevention magazine, getting vitamin E from food sources lowered the risk of Alzheimer's disease by up to 67 percent.

Now that you know what kinds of foods can benefit both body and mind, start incorporating some of these items with your pure green coffee extract for a healthier you!

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