Top 5 foods that help you feel full

Legumes are vegetarian-friendly, full of fiber and protein, and can keep you full for hours.
Legumes are vegetarian-friendly, full of fiber and protein, and can keep you full for hours.

Eating a balanced meal plan that works with your fitness regimen is one of the key pillars of losing weight with garcinia cambogia dosage. However, reducing your caloric intake and getting a handle on portion control is sometimes easier said than done. Many dieters have noted that after breakfast, their stomach will already be growling, even hours before lunch.

Energy density and your diet plan
Appetites can be tricky to control, especially if you are just getting started in a weight loss plan and have been used to foods with a lot of empty calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, one of the secrets to weight loss is to eat meals with greater volumes of food, but lower calories.

If this sounds complicated, take grapes versus raisins as an example. One cup of raisins is around 434 calories, while 1 cup of grapes equals around 104 calories, even though they may technically be the same "food." Here are some other excellent examples of foods that can help you feel fuller for longer:

1. Beans
The high fiber content of beans requires them to be digested more slowly, which means that you could stay full even hours after your meal. Lentils are especially great if you really want to take it up a notch in the fiber category. Beans are also an excellent vegetarian protein, making them weight loss winners in all kinds of diets.

2. Avocados
Just like beans, avocados are also high in fiber, so you will be much less likely to become hungry after eating them. As an added bonus, avocados contain oleic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that tells your brain that you are full, according to Woman's Day magazine. Be advised that avocados are also high in fat, so don't go overboard with this tasty green vegetable. Just like anything else, moderation is key.

3. Whole grains
There is no doubt that you are going to need carbs to keep up your lifestyle and feel the full benefits of a green coffee diet. Although most carbs come from grains, not all support a weight loss regimen, especially refined breads and pastas, and certainly not sugary treats. Whole grain options include many healthy nutrients like iron and fiber, which can be ideal for keeping you full and giving you energy. Next time you are grocery shopping, opt for whole grain breads and pastas for lower fat, more fiber and less calories.

4. Fish
Fish are packed with protein, which can definitely help you stay fuller for longer. Compared to red meats, pork and some kinds of poultry, fish are a much more balanced options, and can be prepared in many ways. Even fattier fish like salmon have heart-healthy benefits and omega-3s, which are great for a healthy diet.

5. Fruits and veggies
If you need a midday snack, you can't go wrong with fruits and veggies. Because of their high water content and volume, they have much more energy density than other sugar-filled snacks. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals, making them essential in your daily diet.

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