Ways to drink more water

Add fruit to water to improve the taste.
Add fruit to water to improve the taste.

Along with consuming healthy foods, you have to keep your body hydrated and drink plenty of water. Although many people don't like the taste of plain water, there are several ways to drink more water without chugging glass after glass. 

Ways to add more water
If you enjoy having something to sip on during the day but don't like the taste of water, try adding some of your favorite fruits to a water bottle. It's best to stay away from the flavor packets you see in grocery stores, which can add on calories or expose you to harmful sweeteners like aspartame. Instead, try watermelon chunks or orange slices to add natural flavor. 

You'll definitely want to drink more water if you order something spicy for lunch or dinner. Even adding a red pepper to your dinner plate will have you craving something as refreshing as water. Plus, you can give your metabolism a little extra boost with spicy food. 

Your cell phone can help remind you that it's time to drink a glass of water. Oftentimes, we get so busy throughout the day that we forget to sip a glass or two, which can lead to dehydration. There are apps for your smartphone that will allow you to set reminders to let you know it's time for a glass of water. 

If you're sitting at a desk during the workday or relaxing on the couch at night watching television, try to have a glass of water near you. By always having water nearby, you're more likely to drink it. You'll also be reminded to take a sip or two every so often if it's in plain sight. 

Before heading to the gym, pack yourself a water bottle. Although it's easy to stop by the water fountain for a sip between stations, having a bottle on your person will encourage you to drink more. 

One of the easiest ways to stay hydrated and save calories is to only order water while you're out at a restaurant. You'll not only stay hydrated during your meal but you'll also save money and stay on track with your weight loss plan.

You can control your hunger by drinking more water, too. If you've just eaten and are already feeling hungry again, a glass of cold water can help you feel fuller or rehydrate you. Adding ice cubes to a glass of water is a good idea for burning calories because your body will try to bring the water temperature up. 

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