Breakthrough Weight-Loss Remedy Garcinia Cambogia Extract Now Available from Natural Process with Full Money-Back Guarantee

NEW ORLEANS May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --Forget those fad diets, expensive low-calorie meals and overloaded synthetic products because the minute you stop using them, the weight you lost usually comes right back. Now there is a healthy alternative -- a safe, all-natural dietary supplement known as Garcinia Cambogia Extract -- the latest breakthrough weight-loss remedy available from Natural Process™ (

Weight-loss products generate an estimated $30 billion a year in the U.S. with a myriad of products promising amazing results. Garcinia Cambogia Extract gained notoriety on the Dr. Oz television show back in 2012, when the host extolled its effectiveness as "the newest, fastest fat buster" and interest has been growing steadily for this product ever since.

Garcinia Cambogia is a rich, pumpkin-like fruit from Southeast Asia that's purported to hold the remedy to weight loss in the rind of its fruit. Adding this ingredient to meals is considered to be effective in making meals more "filling." In some villages in Malaysia, Garcinia is used to make a soup that's eaten before meals for weight loss because of its appetite-blocking abilities. Garcinia Cambogia is packed with high levels of HCA, a substance that helps naturally suppress appetite, prevent build up of bad cholesterol and reduce the amount of triglyceride, stopping new fat cells from forming. Garcinia Cambogia acts as a fat blocker, not allowing fat cells to form and allowing the fat to pass through your system quickly instead of storing it inside the body. As a result, HCA helps enable the body to become more effective at burning off calories.

Much More Than an Appetite Suppressant

So what separates Garcinia Cambogia from the rest of the weight-loss products?

"The difference is this product actually has other health benefits, as it increases serotonin levels in your brain and breaks down the fat when it hits the liver, so it's not just an appetite suppressant," said Natural Process™ company president David Johnson, the driving force behind the product's marketing efforts.

Not only does Natural Process™ market an increasingly popular weight-loss remedy, but it also provides customers with an exclusive offer that no other company can. "We offer a full money-back guarantee," added Johnson. "If you order my product and you're not happy with it, just call us and get your money back. Garcinia Cambogia is available at for fulfillment and checkout."

As with any weight-loss supplement, women pregnant or nursing, children under the age of 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult their physician before starting a regimen with Garcinia Cambogia. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) does not intend for this product to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

About Natural Process™

At Natural Process™, we believe that weight loss should come naturally. Our supplements, along with a healthy lifestyle, will help you meet your weight loss goals, no matter how big or small. By selling our all-natural supplements online through, Natural Process™ provides you with an easy, affordable way to lose weight, feel good and live healthy. Welcome to Natural Process™. Here's to your health!

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