7 easy ways to wind down before bed

Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of human health and your weight loss plan.
Sleep is one of the most underrated aspects of human health and your weight loss plan.

One of the most underrated yet crucial aspects of healthy living is maintaining a balanced sleep routine. If getting out of bed is a daily struggle, your brain has difficulty shutting off once you climb under the covers or the worries of life have you tossing and turning once you finally do fall asleep, it may be time for a restful intervention.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a lack of sleep can pose numerous health issues, and that includes problems with your weight loss plan. There's enough evidence to suggest that not getting enough shut-eye can lead to an increased risk for obesity and diabetes, so learning to make this basic human function a part of your daily life is very important.

7. Exercise regularly: Not only does exercise ward off anxiety, it can help you lull into a more peaceful sleep. Just make sure that you aren't breaking a sweat before bed, as this could actually stimulate you into staying up.

6. Give your bedroom an overhaul: You want to create an environment that actually encourages sleep. This means that you may want to consider keeping electronics such as computers and TVs out. Be sure to that once you decide to go to bed, your room is dark and quiet.

5. Let your bed be a bed: Beds were created for two things: sleep and intimacy. This means that you should keep anything that is a possible distraction away from your sheets, including books and smartphones, so that you can shut your brain off when it is time for bed.

4. Avoid caffeine and limit alcohol before bed: You probably know that it isn't wise for you to drink coffee before bed, but according to Psych Central, some individuals can feel the effects of caffeine for 4 to 7 hours. Make sure that you are enjoying that cup of joe only in the morning. While alcohol can definitely make you drowsy, it is known to interrupt healthy sleep patterns, so be sure to limit your intake before bed. Besides, alcohol isn't so great for your weight loss nutrition efforts anyway.

3. Get into a before-bed ritual: If there is one thing the body loves, it's consistency. If you plan out the same routine every night before bed, your brain will send cues of sleepiness, whether or not you realize it. It's also a good idea to wake and fall asleep at the same time as much as you can - yes, even on the weekends.

2. Try relaxation techniques: If you are overwhelmed with anxious thoughts before bedtime, try deep breathing exercises or a relaxing session of yoga before bed to settle your nerves. Even a warm bath could calm your jitters and help you learn to relax.

1. Make sleep a priority: Many of us live in a fast-paced routine, and unfortunately, sleep often sits on the back burner. However, just like your garcinia cambogia dosage, you need make restful nights a priority if you want to see success with weight loss and a balanced lifestyle.

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