A breakdown of metabolism and its effect on your weight loss plan

Metabolism is measured by the way your body converts food into energy.
Metabolism is measured by the way your body converts food into energy.

Metabolism is often shrouded in mystery when it comes to dieting, your green coffee extract, exercise and your overall weight loss plan. The term metabolism is often thrown around, but few dieters actually know exactly what this mechanism is and how it relates to your fitness and health goals.

This basic human function is one of the most important in your body when it comes to weight loss and overall health and well-being. In layman's terms, metabolism is simply your body's way of converting the food you consume into energy. But there is much more to it than just that. To remove the mystery of the metabolic process, here is a breakdown of metabolism and how it relates to your garcinia cambogia extract and healthy living:

What metabolism does
Metabolism categorizes all of the reactions you need to perform simple daily tasks - not just including exercise. This means that your metabolic process governs your growth, mental function and physical actions through the breakdown of nutrients from food into energy. All of your cells need to perform these functions to survive, as metabolism constantly makes new healthy cells and discards waste through the skin, kidneys, digestive system and lungs.

Metabolism is conducted continuously in a two-way process: catabolism and anabolism. Through anabolism, new cells are created with the nutrients you consume, and catabolism breaks down these new cells to create energy. For metabolism to really work, these two basic functions need to work in harmony as much as possible.

How to calories fit in?
By now, if you have been sticking to a green coffee diet, you know what calories are and how they relate to your eating plan. However, you may not know how caloric intake and the metabolic process affect each other. When you are trying to lose weight, you are basically trying to tip the scales toward catabolism so that you can create more energy and produce less cells. Likewise, when you are putting on extra weight, your body tends to guide more toward anabolism. Obviously, being smart about your calorie intake will positively impact the way that your body's metabolism works.

Factors that influence your metabolism
Exercise obviously impacts the speed of your metabolism, as physical activity makes your body work harder and burn more calories. However, there are many factors that may affect the metabolic process, including:

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