Can cold temperatures help you lose weight?

Cold temperatures could help people lose weight.
Cold temperatures could help people lose weight.

When the weather turns frigid and snowy, it can seem like there's more negatives than positives. But healthy living doesn't stop just because the temperatures dropped, so it's important to keep taking your garcinia cambogia, eating well and exercising regularly.

While the cold climates may have you feeling depressed, there's some good news. A study recently published in the journal Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism found that exposure to cold air makes the body use more energy to keep its core temperature up, which can help people lose weight. This is what scientists are calling "temperature training" and it could be beneficial to your weight loss plan.

Warm temperatures could be promoting obesity
Unfortunately, the study also points out that the warm office and home you spend so much time in may actually be detrimental when you're trying to shed unwanted pounds, and according to LiveScience, being able to control the temperature could be partly to blame for the rise in obesity rates.

"Since most of us are exposed to indoor conditions 90 percent of the time, it is worth exploring health aspects of ambient temperatures," said first author Wouter van Marken Lichtenbelt of Maastricht University Medical Center in a statement. "What would it mean if we let our bodies work again to control body temperature? We hypothesize that the thermal environment affects human health and more specifically that frequent mild cold exposure can significantly affect our energy expenditure over sustained time periods."

Weight loss could be sparked by cold temperatures
The research team tested this theory and found that eventually people get used to the cold, and after spending six hours in 59 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 days, the participants had more brown fat but also noted that they they shivered less when in lower temperatures and were more comfortable. The investigators said that 59 degrees may be too cold as a room temperature for most, but a space in the mid-60s would activate brown fat as well.

According to LiveScience, when temperatures drop, the body needs to use more energy and a type of fat known as brown fat is activated in the cold, which burns calories instead of storing them. In fact, brown fat makes up 30 percent of the body's energy account. The body responds to chilly climates with shivering, which produces heat and could be a possible explanation for why the cold helps with weight loss.

If you're working toward a goal of losing weight but are struggling to see significant results despite exercising regularly and eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, you might want to consider checking the thermometer and lowering the temperature.

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